2020 Testimonials

Thanks again Neil.  It's always great doing business with you and you've made our two purchases and one sale feel as if we always had the benefit of attentive and expert guidance.  Thank you to Esther too who has been personable and efficient in every one of our interactions.
We'll make sure to recommend you to anyone we know who's looking to buy in Victoria any time in the future.
-Carola and Mike 
November 29, 2020 

Neil was excellent, very knowledgeable, and responded very fast. He made the whole process as easy as it can be. Very happy with the Bosdet Homes service. Amazing team! Thank you, guys.

-Bibek Nagarkoti

November 11, 2020

Neil made navigating my purchase of my first home a breeze. He was knowledgeable, accessible, and provided sound advice that was instrumental in closing on my dream home. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Neil again!

-Darcy Foo

November 03, 2020

Working with Neil-especially during COVID- was a real pleasure. We are very picky and even when we withdrew an offer on a similar property, he maintained his cheerful, professional attitude and moved on... helping us to find a place that perfectly suits our needs. Not only would we work with Neil again, we won’t hesitate to recommend him to our friends!

-R & K Stolle

October 30, 2020

Neil and his team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Both with the selling of my home and the purchase of my new place. I am very appreciative of the work they did and would use hem again . I would highly  recommend Neil and his team.

- David Beaudry

October 2020 

Neil and his team did a first-class job keeping me informed throughout the selling process.  I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, kindness and work ethic.  I would highly recommend Neil Bosdet as a realtor. 

- Sylvia

September 2020 

From the very first contact we had with the Team, we felt our interests were taken seriously. We’re in an unusual situation, my husband is retired and for banking reasons we needed to pay exactly half down. The Team gave us three options. Neil took us to see them all. Nothing worked. Too many stairs, kitchen to small no backyard. Then a new one appeared on the market. Everything looked good. So Neil walked us through. Then the bank’s assessment came back not the same as the realtor assessment. This is were Neil showed his knowledge. And the bank had their estimators go in person to the house. Well wouldn’t you know it. Bang on the Realitor assessment. Happiness and we are now in our new home.

- Sharon and Gregory Wortman

July 2020 


Neil and his team were great to work with. Very responsive, and knowledgeable of the market here in Victoria. This was especially important as my wife and I just moved to the city. It was great visiting all the different neighborhoods, learning about Victoria and deciding where we wanted to live. A great experience overall.

- Ryan

June 22, 2020    


Neil Bosdet and his entire team were very important people to us this year. As first time home buyers with a growing family and a tight timeline we were anxious about how everything was going to pan out. Neil’s communication was absolutely wonderful! Whether it was through text, email or a phone call, he was super quick to respond to every concern we had and his whole team coordinated everything we needed with care and efficiency. We really appreciated his attention to detail and quality throughout the whole process. The search he set up for us online was incredibly user friendly and made setting up our viewings really seamless. We also really appreciated his honesty when we went to see homes that may have looked great online but turned out to be less than ideal for a young family. He gave us his honest opinion when we asked for it. He didn’t try to just “sell” us on every home. He genuinely was trying to find us a place that would work for our needs. And he did. Once we found our new home the Bosdet team was so organized with the closing of our purchase. We really felt taken care of. Everything came together beautifully and we could not be more appreciative of Neil and his fantastic team at Bosdet Homes. 

- Miles Provencher

May 13, 2020


Neil Bosdet and his team were nothing short of amazing in looking after the sale of my house. Straight from the first contact by phone, Neil responded immediately. He came to view the house right away, and within a week photos had been done, an inspection completed, a beautiful marketing package put together and his entire team came to view and learn about the house. They all examined every detail and were respectful, energetic and enthusiastic 'as a team' to get to work on selling the house. I can't say enough about the positive energy this team has, from the people working the background paperwork to the people in the field. Of course, all of this power led to the house selling very quickly. I cannot word it strongly enough in recommending this team and there is simply not a question my trust and loyalty lies with the Bosdet Team. 


May 12, 2020



Neil and his team truly changed my feelings about realtors and their fees.  Throughout the process of selling and buying, Neil, Andrew, Marnie and his team of professionals provided constant exceptional services.  They more than earned their value.  When our purchase deal went off the rails, their experience and attention kept the deal alive.  They were punctual, available and incredibly thorough.  I've recommended Neil to valued friends and they've said the same.

All the best,


April 28, 2020


Neil was very hard working and professional agent I have ever seen. He knows the technique of how to sell the house quick and that really helps us in this challenging time and sold our house within two weeks . Thank you Neil and Andrew .

Hsin Cheng Lai

April 25, 2020


Lee Andison was recommended to me by a friend. I already had two realtors in the Greater Victoria area sending me filtered listings by email. My preferences were very specific .. a freehold apartment in James Bay east of Menzies street. Lee was particularly knowledgable about one specific building that I was interested in. We saw a few properties in James Bay, Downtown and Fairfield. He was always able to get the back story of why this unit was a certain price. But when it came time to pull the trigger on something that checked most of my boxes, Lee was right there. He got it done. The timeliness of the transaction was superb given what was about to unfold in Victoria and the rest of the world.

Moreover, Lee and the team were very helpful in providing advice on getting a lawyer, insurance and other matters that being out of province I was at a definite disadvantage with. As a welcoming gift Lee and the team gave me an excellent charcuterie board featuring some local products. A wonderful selection to receive during these troubling times.

Dave Odynak

April 8, 2020


2019 Testimonials

Neil and his team did a great job preparing the promotional material for our condo and then kept us well informed throughout the listing period. They were also helpful in referring us to a lawyer for the legal documents and in making sure that all the appropriate documentation for the listing and the closing was available to all the necessary parties. - Len Vandenberg

October 04, 2019

Lee was extremely patient with us and succeeded in finding our perfect home! - Edward H Cryderman

September 03, 2019

It all went well. Referral from previous, out-of-town realtor so I did not use his website. - Sonja Lindquist

July 22, 2019

Neil gave us great advice about when to list my late sister’s condo, understanding the market in Victoria. As we live in Ontario, he understood our concerns about a long distance relationship and handled everything very professionally. The condo sold very quickly and for the asking price. Neil’s team did a beautiful job of staging the co do and also cleared out most of the excess furniture and other items which made our job much easier when it came to clearing out the unit after the sale. All in all a great experience! - Shirley Jennings

July 19, 2019

Neil helped us with a unique sale, going above and beyond our expectations. Neil is committed, highly professional and wonderful to work with. He gave us excellent advice for all areas related to the sale, communication was fantastic, and our many questions were always answered quickly and knowledgeably. I cannot recommend Neil and his team enough for the amazing job they did. - Susie Johnson

July 17, 2019

We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Lee and the Bosdet Team. We had many questions with buying and selling and they were always knowledgeable and available with answers! They have a whole team that makes you feel all aspects are being looked after so you don’t have to worry. Communication was absolutely amazing and the entire team made the process feel so smooth. It doesn’t stop once you buy your house, they are still there for you after all is said and done! We would definitely recommend them to all of our family, friends and coworkers! Looking forward to working with the Bosdet Team in the future! - Whitney

May 13, 2019

We had originally reached out to Neil to help us buy a home in Victoria, but he was away on a business trip so he referred us to his colleague, Lee Andison. Our original plan was to have Lee show us a few homes while we waited for Neil to return, but we ended up finding, placing an offer on, and securing our first home within just a couple of weeks after our first meeting. Lee was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. It was our first time purchasing, and though we had done our research, Lee was able to provide insight for all the things we didn't know. Day or night, Lee was always available to take our call. In short, Lee (and the team at Bosdet Homes) made us feel comfortable and prepared for our first home purchase. We'll definitely be using them if need be in the future! - Toby Sherriff

April 25, 2019

This was our first time purchasing a property, and quickly realized we had no clue what we were doing or how to do it. Andrew was our contact, and his professionalism and knowledge exceeded expectation in every way. He was easy to get a hold of and made my family and I feel calm and in control during a very exciting, and stressful, time. - Scott Rimek

March 12, 2019


2018 Testimonials

My partner Tom and l have just gone through a second home sell and buy with Neil Bosdet and his team Bosdet Homes. We are so lucky to have found such a professional, hardworking, ethical, informative and communicative group of people to help us through every aspect of buying and selling our homes, and l mean every aspect. From feedback on preparing our homes for sale to ensure maximum price to recommending professionals for a massive new home reno, best lawyers, every informed comment and suggestion has made us money, saved us money and more importantly given us huge peace of mind and alleviated almost all stress involved with buying and selling our family homes. Neil has proved beyond a doubt that if we trust his judgment and expertise to guide us in every way we always come out on top and very happy.  

I would never think of using anyone else, our best interests are always a priority with Neil. Kind, patient and thoughtful, always available, and l mean always! Phone, text or email this guy responds with impossible speed every time, small questions or big the answers are always there and there fast.

Budgets in buying are always respected and Neil goes above and beyond to get us what we want at what we can afford, even when there are multiple buyers and offers on the table we are the winners! In this Victoria market that speaks volumes.

A positive and professional realtor® and team that l always recommend to family and friends, even strangers. I am only happy with the best and l know great when l see it.

Neil Bosdet is it for us.

  • Karen Lancey and Tom Comfort

We lived in CT for 20 years and decided to move to Victoria. I looked up the top agents in Victoria on the internet and narrowed the list down to 5. I sent each an email. Two never responded. Three, including Neil, did. One asked us what we were looking for. She sent a follow-up email and we never heard back from her. Another one did a telephone interview and stuck us on an email blast and we never spoke to her again. Neil did a FaceTime interview and guided us on what was possible in Victoria and what wasn’t. He told us about the market and put us on an automated search. I asked an endless number of questions, most of which he answered quickly and promptly. Some he had to research. The odd few he said, “I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does”. He tried to guide us in our search steering us towards certain things and away from others.  I am much too smart to listen to advise from some random person so of course I didn’t listen to him, only to learn that he was right, not that I ever told him that. In February, we decided to come out to visit Victoria. It just so happened that that was the week Neil was going to be away. He told us, “No worries. I’ll  have one of my best agents help you”. Yeah right.  I have heard that line before and was all set to meet the real estate reject of Victoria. Instead, we were met by Andrew Whidden, a bright, energetic, down to earth young man who showed us around Victoria, sometimes taking us more than once to see the same property. We touched base with Neil when we both returned to our respective homes, his in Victoria and ours in Westport, CT. We told him that Victoria was definitely in our future. He asked if we wanted to make an offer. We already owned two properties in the US and told him we’d like to sell at least one of those before we thought of buying another one. That was in February. Months went by with me constantly badgering Neil with one thousand and one questions, which he did his best to answer. When I felt his patience wearing thin, I told him I guarantee I’d eventually buy a place and it would be through him. He laughed and said, “no worries”. We needed a tax accountant who was familiar with Canada/US tax issues. Neil found us the perfect person. Then, in September, someone put in an offer for our house in Connecticut and they wanted us out in 30 days. Oh God, what had we done. Meanwhile, some of the places in Victoria that we were keeping an eye on, the ones Andrew had shown us, were starting to move. We decided to put in an offer sight unseen on a condo. We had Neil’s word, his annotated video and lots of pics. Andrew had shown us the building. We put in a financing clause we could use to exit the deal if we had to. But, we knew nothing about Victoria. We needed a lawyer, someone to review condo docs, a contractor, and on and on. Neil found them all and all willing to take us on. Then, we got an offer on our property in FL. We were now working on closing sales in CT and FL and a purchase in Victoria. It was a whirlwind of lawyers, bankers and agents. Then we came across a miracle by the name of Alisa Howlett, Neil’s office manager. On days when I didn’t know if I was coming or going, she kept us on track. In the end, we closed on the condo in Victoria. Of the three real estate transactions we were involved in at the same time, the one in Victoria was by far the smoothest. I have Neil Bosdet and his talented and hard working team to thank for that. As a bonus, ask him about “Funktional Art for the Kitchen”. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Anil & Joan Vohra

As a Realtor® myself (in Ontario) I knew I could count on Neil to deliver, and I must say, he went above and beyond in selling my mother’s condo. Due to illness, my mother hastily moved back to Ontario to be closer to family and could not return to Victoria to prepare her home for sale. Needless to say, it was a semi-stressful time, but Neil and his Team had it all handled. They fabulously prepared my mother’s place in no time, had pictures and virtual tour up and running online very quickly and, as a result, sold the property exceptionally fast – all while keeping in great communication, sending updates to the East! I also trust Neil with my referrals; he has done a great job with other clients from Ontario and I would like to thank Neil and his Team for all the help and the professionalism they exude. I would recommend The Bosdet Homes Team to anyone, anytime. 

  • Dan McFadden

Neil and his team made what was a new experience for us, selling and then buying, a fairly seamless process and we are grateful for his guidance and expertise. Both Neil and Andrew worked hard on selling our townhouse, and calming our concerns and fears when there were a few bumps in the road. Neil negotiated quickly and with skill for the purchase of our new house, which is our forever-home, and we are so grateful he helped make that happen. They were always incredibly quick to respond to calls, emails or texts, and had great resources for home inspectors and tradespeople. We never felt pressured when we looked at homes, and Neil always had great ideas and options for us. We are thankful we chose Bosdet Homes to guide us through this process!

  • Jessica and Dusty Tweedhope  

To The Bosdet Home Real Estate Team

A few months ago, I decided to place my condo on the market. Neil Bosdet was referred to me from a co-worker and I decided to give him a call. He responded right away and we set up a time to meet. Upon our initial meeting, Neil visually assessed my condo and we discussed purchasing and sales strategies. By the time the meeting was over, we had agreed upon a selling price and targeted a home that my fiancé and I were interested in. Neil left us with a preparation plan prior to listing the condo. Amazingly, shortly after the first Open House, we received 4 offers, all of them over our asking price.

After offers of purchase and sales were accepted, the transition to complete all documentation and preparation for closing was made easy by the assistance of Pam and the Bosdet Home Real Estate team. They are easy to work with and guide you through all the steps along the way.

In the end, we were able to successfully sell the condo and Neil and his awesome team were able to get my fiancé and I into our first home together! What a great way to start our lives together!!!

  •  Jose Villano and Marynette Calderon

Andrew showed us all the houses that fit within our criteria, and when we decided on one, he made the transaction happen for us quickly and efficiently. We are very pleased with the result and would recommend him to any prospective clients.

  • Rod and Irene Neufeld

Neil you were great helping me get through my move to Victoria.  I came to Victoria because of family matters and before I knew it decided to move here. 

It was a stressful time but you were there for me.  Always returning my calls promptly, reassuring me when I had a panic attack.  Taking the time to explain and offer solutions. 

Everyone at Bosdet Homes should be proud, you offer great service.

  • Denise and Des

2017 Testimonials

As first time homebuyers, we were extremely excited and daunted by the prospect of owning a home.

After inquiring about a property, we met with Andrew Whidden. Andrew and the Bosdet Homes team supported us every step of the way.

We could not be happier with our home and with our experience with the Bosdet Homes Team.

We look forward to working with them in the future!

  • Sarah Alpert and Max Olesen

I couldn’t be happier with my outcome with Neil. We came in with a modest budget for the current market, and were able to find a great deal on a quiet single family house. He was very flexible with viewing times, as things moved very quickly when new properties were listed. He was happy to answer any questions throughout the process, and was able to keep me informed and calm in the competitive environment.

Neil knows his market, and is very open and honest with how he feels about a property or neighborhood. I am sure Neil and I will be working together once again in the future.

  • Andrew Anderson

I was selling a house in Victoria, but live in Comox. I went onto rate my agent and randomly picked 3 names. Neil and his team was the only agency to not only go over and check the property out, he took pictures of the property for us to see, (this was very help full has we had not seen the inside in almost a year). He also drove up to Comox to come and meet us. He was honest and personable. He gave us his honest opinion as to what needed to be done and what a good selling price would be. He knew people we could hire to paint and clean the house at an affordable and reasonable price. We listed the house for sale, then him and his team worked their magic and the house received 3 offers in 5 days all above asking. He also then referred us to our Relator up here in Comox whom we bought our forever home through. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to sell our house. If you want a fast, stress free, good experience with selling your house, Neil and his team are the Relators to call! Great team!

  • Levi Bauder
I really lucked in getting Andrew Whidden as my buying agent.

When first contacted I was in no position to purchase, just make general inquires. Andrew never pushed or made me feel rushed. He asked what I might eventually be looking for, created a website that showed me properties that might interest me and answered even the most mundane questions from me promptly and professionally. He stayed with me for the almost 2 years that I began to look. I've dealt with agents who just dropped out of sight when they realized I was just a "possible". Not Andrew. 

Once my time came to buy, he advised me regarding strategy. I trusted him completely and he negotiated the offer and purchase of the house I absolutely love. I can't thank him enough. The team he worked with were always ready to respond. There were never any waiting times for instructions or help.

Well done, guys. And the biggest "Thank You".

  • Nina Causer

Hi Neil

Our move went very smoothly and we are very happy in our new home.

You and your expert team helped us navigate through our buying and selling process in this very chaotic real estate market.

We would not hesitate to recommend your team to anyone looking to buy or sell.


  • Jeff & Valerie

What a two year adventure we’ve been through with Neil!Early 2016 we had an accepted offer on a very charming house but because my wife and I were new to BC, we were not entitled to the transfer tax credit! Therefore against Neil’s recommendation we decided to wait 8 months which was the time frame we needed to be exempt of the transfer tax. Neil warned us that the housing market was just going up and that in 8 months we may not find this type of deal anymore. Being new in BC we still decided to wait the 8 months!!!So we went ahead made the deal collapse and none the less, even going against Neil’s advice, Neil kept on supporting us with an incredible professionalism at a point that we said we’ll see you in 8 months.We came back about a year after, knowing that we were eligible to the transfer tax exemption and we started looking again with Neil. The housing market had risen so much that our budget was just meeting asking prices! In a market were houses sells for 75-100K over asking price it became very difficult for us to find the right home. So between January and August 2017 we probably went and check over 30 houses if not more and made offers on half of them, which every time we would get over bid, It wasn’t Neil’s fault what so ever, the market was just way too difficult for our budget and regardless, Neil kept on providing us the best support I could ever ask for, he was incredibly patient and persistent in wanting to find the right home for us!Neil was simply the best person that could take care of us, he has been answering all our questions and more, even if sometimes our request where out of the ordinary! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Neil and his team went above and beyond our expectations.Neil is very detailed and supportive always smiling and available in this hectic market. Once we found the right house and finally got an accepted offer on which we went all the way with this time, we discovered another Neil!Neil doesn’t only has selling skills but huge knowledge & network around services supporting the purchase of a house, him and all his contacts are all highly respectable & very professional which was so much appreciated in those stressful moment.I will definitively recommend Neil and his team to all the people I know that are, or will be looking for a house.Thanks so much Neil and the Bosdet Homes Team, for all what you did and making that extra mile to allow our family to now enjoy our new home.Throughout the whole process you made us feel like a part of your family understanding ours!

  • Steve, Valerie & Thomas-Izaäk Gauthier

Neil was very helpful and communicative at all times. He was proactive and guided us through several offers until we were successful in our condominium purchase. We highly recommend Neil and his team.

  • John Hurlburt

Given Neil's success as a realtor®, I thought that we would be passed on to less experienced associates on his team, but this was not the case. We had Neil's full attention from the very start, and he (and his team) continued to be very helpful even after the sale transaction had been completed.

Thank you!!!

  • Carol Yan Lau

I welcome the opportunity to give testimony to the excellent service I received from Bosdet Homes. Both Andrew and Neil responded immediately to my need to purchase a home in Victoria.

At the time I had recently moved from Calgary and was experiencing much stress and apprehension in searching for a place in what had been described to me as overly expensive with home prices increasing daily. Andrew demonstrated his understanding of my circumstances and showed me potential homes that fitted with my desire to live centrally where I could walk to most places I would frequent. This included being in walking distance for shopping and services, and recreation. I wanted to be part of a downtown community, and not isolated in a suburb.

The first time we met, Andrew had five showings for me, three of which would have been a good fit and I ultimately bought one of these. It’s reassuring to know that Andrew listened to me and did not try to steer me in a different direction which I had just experienced with another realtor®. I felt confident in Andrew and in my ultimate choice.

I also appreciate the work done by the whole

team. Pam was very helpful in steering me through the process. When you’re new to a Province there’s so much you don’t know. The home purchase process was all new - the beginning of many firsts in fact, whereas back in Calgary I was pretty experienced in buying and selling a home. Thank you especially for your efforts to work with my ATB team in Calgary to transfer my HELOC account in light of the challenging time constraints and deadlines.

This was an excellent experience for me and I would not hesitate to recommend Bosdet Homes to others looking to engage realty services.

Thank you,

  • Hazel

I was the first time homebuyer and I found Andrew and Neil’s Service to be very easy and comforting for First time homebuyers. I would definitely recommend them and use them again

  • Jasen Lewis

It was our second time working with Neil Bosdet and his team. We will for sure work with Neil for a third time if we plan to move again. This time, we both sold our place and bought a new one. From day one, when we inquired Neil about selling our condo, he has been very quick and responsive in helping us and listing our place according to our time-sensitive case. We will never forget that when Neil called us to let us know about the offers (more than one) we received, he was very careful and kind by telling us the order to which we should open each offer, explained one by one in detail, and celebrated with us when we chose our final buyer.

After we sold our place the hunting for a new place started, and Neil was always there for us, knowing how competitive and hot the real estate market in Victoria is right now. He advised us of every detail we should consider, helped us going through different listings, and has always been very patient.

When we finally found the right place and closed a deal, Neil and his team never abandoned us. On the contrary, whenever we had questions, they were answered. Possession day came, and Neil again surprised us with welcoming goodies, and his positive attitude. We are very grateful that Neil, Pam, Andrew, and Sue helped us once again through this journey!

Thank you all(we certainly LOVE our new place).

  • Mabel & Alex

I would like to highly recommend Neil Bosdet as your Realtor®. It was a pleasure to have him as our Real Estate Agent and to work with his Bosdet Homes team. Neil never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. His preparation for listing our condo was amazing. Every detail thought of and planned. He also got us more than 20% over our asking price! Wow! Amazed!

Very happy to recommend you to any of my friends who might be looking for a Realtor®. Cannot thank you enough for your personal and professional expertise.

  • Joan McIndoe

Neil recently assisted me in selling our condominium. I live in Alberta and flew to Victoria to arrange the sale. I interviewed 3 agents. Neil stood out clearly above the others. We hired Neil.

He had a plan for everything and told me what to expect. He exceeded all our expectations in getting us multiple offers and a sale in 5 days! If you are looking for a professional Realtor® to help you get the job done you won't be disappointed picking Neil and his team. Well done!

  • Terry McKinnon

Working with Neil and the team was great. Neil really listened to what we were looking for and helped to explain what would work for us. It really helped us narrow down from what started as an overwhelming number of options. He worked quickly and efficiently for what was some very last minute decision making on our part, and was a champion when helping us through the bidding war.

Working with the team was also really great. Everyone was always ready to answer questions, providing up to date info, and detailed and organized scheduling; it really helped us through every step from looking to buying to completion and possession.

All in all, I found The Bosdet Homes Team to be reliable, organized and kind. I strongly recommend.

  • Kourosh Pazandeh

Neil’s team at Bosdet Homes Real Estate work together in an efficient professional manner to get all details looked after. Neil made sure all information was given to potential buyers of the house I had for sale. My house was sold within days with multiple offers! Great Job!

Thank you again,

  • Theresa Ramsay

Neil and his team were a pleasure to work with! They have a passion for what they do & it shows! Neil is creative & talented. He is highly knowledgeable in his field and has the pulse of the Victoria RE market. We were impressed with his expertise and professionalism when he wrote & presented our Offer. We bought our home the first day we viewed listings with Neil ! We were successful in a very tight market, thanks to his savvy advice. Neil Bosdet & Team are great communicators - answering texts, phone calls and emails very promptly. Neil listened to us, was approachable & was honest with his advice. He is efficient, with a sense of humour - which made the process fun and stress-free. We would absolutely recommend Neil Bosdet & Bosdet Homes Real Estate for Buying or Selling!

Many thanks!

  • Terri Smith & Peter Rowland

Neil was terrific. He responded in a timely way and showed good knowledge of the market. In terms of making an offer, he helped come up with a very sound strategy that ultimately proved successful. I'm thrilled with my new home.

Lastly, Pam, I wanted to also thank you too for your wonderful help from the time of accepted offer till closing. I really appreciated your timely assistance :)

Best wishes,

  • Avi Sirlin

This is the second time my wife and I have used the services of Neil Bosdet and his very professional team. Starting with staging our townhouse, photographing the property and marketing our home. The photographs were amazing, each picture could be clicked on and the whole townhouse could be seen on a 360-degree view. It was just like been there in our home. Neil and his team worked extremely hard to sell our townhouse. Always prepared to have an open house and maximise the potential for a sale.

 Neil and his team were always available for questions and made the selling and purchasing a lot less stressful. We were delighted with the results. We would definitely recommend Neil and his team to anyone who wants the best real estate agent on the island.

  • Steve and Susan Smith

Neil and his team were excellent! We were back and forth from Victoria to Calgary during our house hunt, and Neil was amazing at always making time to see places with us, and for us when we weren't in town. He would always give us his honest opinion, and he even did video-call walk throughs for us when we were away!

He didn't pressure us to buy, he listened to us and gave great feedback! I would definitely use Neil again and recommend him to anyone. Neil will go to bat for you, he's very knowledgable, and he's great at his job!

  • Michelle & Jamie

If you are going to sell your house using the Bosdet Homes Team then hang on for the ride because it's fast and it's over quick! What an experience! Our house sold in 24 hours two days before the planned open house.

 Do not hesitate to use Bosdet Homes when buying or selling!

  • John Trelford

This was the easiest buy/sell home transaction I have ever had because of Neil's professionalism, persistence and knowledge! I would highly recommend Neil to anyone buying/selling a home.

  • Anna Trelford

We had a wonderful experience with Neil's team who helped us to search and buy our dream home.

Our special thanks to Andrew Whidden who guided us through, at all stages, and was very understanding with all our " First time buyer" queries. His professionalism, easy approachability and friendliness are commendable. Strongly recommended!

Thank you,

  • Mona and Vimal Upreti

2016 Testimonials

"To Whom It May Concern: We have been very pleased with Neil Bosdet and the Bosdet Homes Team. They marketed our home efficiently and effectively so that we received multiple offers and the best price in a timely manner. We would recommend this team to anyone looking to sell all types of homes."

  • Cara & Jamie Barter

"To Whom It May Concern: Neil and his team were fantastic. We recently purchased a condo unit and Neil was instrumental in making the deal happen for us. He maintained a high level of motivation and kept a difficult deal consistently moving forward to a successful conclusion. We found him to be knowledgable, efficient and businesslike with a friendly touch and really cared about our purchase. We have already recommended him to several other people and never hesitate to do so. Should we require real estate services in the future Neil and his team will be our choice."

  • Dave and Audrey Barber

"To Whom It May Concern: "Neil is an impressive Realtor®. After working with him on the search and purchase of our house, I recommended him to two close friends and one of my immediate family members. Neil took the time to understand the needs of my family, which meant we only viewed houses that were a strong fit. He helped give us the confidence and knowledge to move fast in Victoria's aggressive market. We got the house we wanted in a location we desired."

  • Leif Baradoy

"Dear Neil, A big bouquet to say thank you to you Neil Bosdet, and your team, on the handling of the successful sale of my mom's condo. You handled everything professionally and efficiently from the prelisting meeting right up to the closing. The variety of marketing techniques you used seemed to give the property great exposure quickly to attract the right buyers. The multiple realtor® showings, and the early productive and professionally-handled open house, I'm sure contributed to multiple offers being submitted within days. A negotiated sale was completed, for above listing price, after only four days on the market! We thank you Neil and your team for all your hard work on our behalf. Sincerely, Sheila Atchison"

  • Sheila Atchison

"To Whom It May Concern:

We first met Neil when we were selling our home in Langford and moving to Victoria. We had met quite a few realtors®, but they all were lacking that “fire”. It didn’t take us long to understand why Neil is a Diamond Award Winner for Royal LePage. Neil will tell tell you what he’s thinking, not what he thinks you want to hear, which we greatly respect in a person. It didn’t take us long to realize he is a man of his word and proud of what he does. We were very pleased to see the level of professionalism and expertise we experienced with Neil also extended through his staff. The communition and knowledge of the Bosdet Homes staff is stellar, let alone being fantastic people to begin with. Our questions were answered day and night. From aerial photographs to professional house cleaning and staging, this is one of the most highly organized companies I have ever worked with.

Extra miles is what Neil does. He has a natural competitive nature to stay one step ahead, and enjoys every minute of his profession. Our home sold within 10 hours. While our For Sale sign was being taken down, other properties in the strata that were for sale for weeks were still on the market. They asked us: who sold your place? Bosdet Homes. We handed out quite a few business cards that few weeks after our sale. Neil is an amazing negotiator and speaker,and his connections in the industry are vast. When we first toured the home we wished to purchase, he said “We’ll get this. Leave it with me.” There were 11 other bids on the property. My wife and i were nervous wrecks. Neil, calm as can be and in control. He asked us to follow his instructions and not to worry.

When he emerged from the meetings, not only had he won the bid for us, but the people who sold the property were elated for us that we were purchasing the home of our dreams. Tears were shed. You can tell when someone truly loves and cares about what they do. Neil has worked very hard to get where he is, and continues to do so. He truly is a heart felt gentleman and a great soul. We feel absolutely blessed to be in our new home, and feel blessed to have met Neil and his staff at the time that we did. We pinch ourselves every day, it still feels like a dream. Neil Bosdet and his team made our dream come true.


  • Luke and Maurna D