Tips for a great evening of outdoor entertaining

12 June 2020
Neil Bosdet

It's outdoor dining season again!

Buying and Selling during COVID-19

14 April 2020
Neil Bosdet

Many Buyers are viewing homes virtually so we have you covered whether Buying or Selling.

You win some, You Dim Sum!

08 January 2019
Neil Bosdet

Neil has safely returned from Asia and beyond with lots of stories to tell and, of course, all the remaining cravings of Dim Sum, spicy curry, Pho and chicken feet ... OK, well, maybe not so much the chicken feet.

Handcrafted Holiday Affair Recipes

05 December 2018
Neil Bosdet

If you find yourself craving any of the delicious handmade food from Saturday night, here's all of our mouthwatering recipes!

BC Tenancy Act Changes - What Landlords Need To Know!

12 January 2018
Neil Bosdet

Landlords will be feeling the changes made by the NDP to the BC Tenancy Act in October 2017.

New Year's Resolutions

05 January 2018
Neil Bosdet

Are you thinking once again about creating some New Year’s resolutions, but find that you never seem to follow through with them? Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolutions for longer then a couple of weeks and help you achieve your goals.

Moving with your Pets

15 December 2017
Neil Bosdet

Take the stress out of moving with your pets with these helpful tips!


13 January 2017
Neil Bosdet

BC Housing has launched a new website detailing the BC Home Partnership Program that offers a generous loan program to qualified First Time Home Buyers in BC. In our heated and expensive Real Estate market in Victoria, any assistance to help make your 1st purchase is very welcome.

Summer on Vancouver Island – Farmers’ Markets

13 May 2016
Neil Bosdet

Summer is definitely in the air, and with the early Spring and turn of the seasons comes the start of many Farmers’ Markets in Victoria and around Vancouver Island.

Flipping Houses for Profit – Tips on How to Flip a House

08 April 2016
Neil Bosdet

The House Flipping shows that are all over the TV and internet these days can sure make it look fun and easy but in reality it’s risky, back-breaking work. Yes, it can be fun and you can make some money in the right market situation, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be sunk!