The Best Wineries on Vancouver Island

06 March 2021
Neil Bosdet

We are so thrilled to have Miles Lyndan as part of our team. Miles is a fantastic and caring realtor AND he is also a seasoned wine connoisseur! In this piece, we have asked Miles to share with us some of his favourite spots on the island. 

What are your favourite wineries in Vancouver Island and why? 

My favourite wineries on Vancouver Island are Rathjen Cellars, Emandare, & Averill Creek. These three wineries offer different takes in terms of viticultural approach, winemaking ethos and tasting experience. The one thing all three have in common is a focus on terroir and a belief that the wine is truly made in the vineyard when growing the grapes, not the cellar with winemaking techniques. 

The Dragonfly Hill Vineyard from Rathjen Cellars is 27 years old and produces their 2019 Auxerrois series, a lively easy drinking wine with citrus and honeyed notes.

Averill Creek Vineyard hosts tastings along an array of charcuterie favourites. This is a great way to understand the wine and where it comes from. 

Emandare has a lovely guest house which you can book and stay in. This allows you to slow things down and take in the beauty and experience of living on a vineyard! 

It’s a challenge to choose favourites when it comes to Island wineries as there is so much quality and promise with this generation of grape growers and winemakers.