3 Tips for Easier Goal Setting for the New Year

07 January 2021
Neil Bosdet

3 great tips to help you set new goals for 2021

1. Focus on 3-month goals instead of year-long goals.

Although it seems natural that one should set goals for the whole year when it comes to making new resolutions January, setting a plan for 12 months actually makes it more daunting as a lot of changes can happen suddenly in a year. 

Focus on making 3 month goals with a review every quarter of the year. By setting a 3 month mark, goals can be reviewed more frequently, adjustments can be made which results in goals becoming more attainable. For example, you can have a goal to lose 15 pounds in a year but as we all know, many months can go by, life happens and we slide off a new exercise routine. If you have a goal of losing 5 pounds in 3 months, it is probably more achievable and you can review and adjust the goal after 3 months, including trying different avenues to achieve your goals.

2. Make goals in all areas of your life, not just financial or career goals.

The right balance between time spent working, time spent with our loved ones and time spent rejuvenating and recharging ourselves is the ticket to well-being. If we achieve a career milestone or a financial goal and yet neglect taking care of ourselves or nurturing our close relationships, we would still feel a void after achieving so-called success. A set of well-balanced goals includes looking at how you want to improve your relationships. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family. Maybe you want to work in a field which you’re passionate about rather than at a boring desk job. Also, including your family and self-care as part of your achievement goals indirectly leads to more support for your goals from your loved ones. Plus you’re always filled with renewed energy for your goals with that feeling of internal satisfaction as you continue to prioritize self-care.

3. Create an accountability system.

No one is an island in this interconnected world. It is difficult to set goals and then achieve them on your own. Everyone needs an accountability system. Professional athletes have a team of coaches, trainers, health care professionals etc to help them achieve their goals. There are going to be dips and valleys along the way. Hiring a life coach is of course a definite option for those needing guidance. However, there are other ways to create accountability. Finding a colleague at work or a friend who is looking to make similar resolutions and having an accountability partner is one option. The key is to make sure you set a regular meeting to check in with each other so that you can keep on track. The simplest way though, not without needing quite a bit of self-discipline in order for it to be successful, is to keep a journal of your daily activities. In the areas of that you identified improvement and goals to achieve, are you implementing daily tasks to achieve them? The great thing about a daily journal is that you can always look back to review what progress you have made and make adjustments to help achieve your goal.