Summer Glamping or Camping?

14 July 2020
Neil Bosdet

Camping vs. Glamping:

Summer is here - we all love the great outdoors and what about sleeping under the stars?

From booking campsites to mini-getaways in BC, here are the top comparisons between camping and glamping. 

The main reasons for camping would be the lower cost of getting a camp site and if you’re savvy and equipped enough to take on the wilderness, you can quite literally camp in seclusion, on a stretch of nature with no one around. 

The main reasons for glamping: you get the experience of living outdoors without all the work. You prretty much having everything done for you from where you get your drinking water to heating up your accommodations when it cools down at night.

The top 3 areas to consider would be:


The cost of a campsite may seem to be a lot more affordable than a glamping option, however if you do not already own camping gear, it can cost a lot of amass it. Having said that, once you own all the gear, you can reuse it over and over again. 


There’s sleeping under the stars in luxury, when it comes to glamping and heading out towards wilderness resorts such as Clayoquot Wilderness Resort and Wildpod Glamping, both close to Tofino BC with ready made instant camping with all the amenities of bathroom, running water, heating etc. And then there’s the satisfaction of pitching your own tent, chopping your own firewood, making your own dinner slowly over a fire and all that hard work that comes with camping. If you enjoy setting up your home in nature, then camping is definitely more suitable for you. 


There are definitely more campsite options than glamping options. Also, if you are savvy in the wilderness and can fit everything in your backyard, all of nature is pretty much your playground. Finding that perfect spot in nature might mean being miles and miles away from civilization and that might be the adventurous thrill that you’re seeking this summer!

Whatever you decide, we wish you many days of glorious fun in the sun and nights of sleeping under starry skies!!