Tips for a great evening of outdoor entertaining

12 June 2020
Neil Bosdet

Outdoor dining season has begun and it's a great way to socialize while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Here are 7 great tips for a great season of entertaining outdoors:

1) Create a variety of comfy seating. 
A bit of colour adds a lot of pop to a space. Adding some comfortable outdoor cushions in beautiful colours refreshes all your patio furniture.

2) Prepare for changing weather.
Summer weather can change quickly too. Make sure to have your table cloths weighted so they don't take off with sudden gusts of wind. Also have patio umbrellas to create shade and beautiful throw blankets around when the evenings get cool. 

3) Create a few music playlists.
Music helps to create the perfect ambience. Have some lively tunes for when guests arrive and also a selection of music with a more chilled-out vibe as the evening goes on. 

4) Prepare for bug season too. 
Summer time also means more bugs. Be prepared with citronella candles, wasp traps and bug spray. We like all natural ones you can make with essential oils. Plus they smell great! 

5) Prep food ahead of time, focus on entertaining and conversation.
Prep ready-made salads, breads, side dishes and make everything easy to throw on the grill or ready to serve. This will help you enjoy entertaining without worrying about cooking at the same time. 

6) Create a wonderful ambience with string lights and candles. 
A few string lights here are there and large votive candles create a beautiful atmosphere in your backyard. 

7) Have glass markers and disposable dinnerware. 
When you serve your guests their first drink, it helps to write their name on their glassware with a glass marker. It helps everyone to keep track of their glassware. Also, biodegradable/compostable dinnerware helps reduce the amount of work with doing dishes after. 

Happy summer entertaining!