Open House Etiquette Rules For Buyers And Sellers

24 March 2016
Neil Bosdet

Buying or Selling a home? If you are, you will probably go to or host open houses. Open Houses are meant to showcase the best aspects of a home, attract qualified buyers, and help to generate interest among buyers and real estate professionals.


17 March 2016
Neil Bosdet

With all the many things you have to think about when selling your home in Victoria, a “surprise” during the home inspection should not be one of them!

Selling a House with Pets at Home

11 March 2016
Neil Bosdet

How do you best prepare to sell a home with pets? Getting your home ready is a very important topic if you are a pet owner who is wanting to list your home for sale.


05 March 2016
Neil Bosdet

As Real Estate Professionals, Bosdet Homes is often asked about financing options. Most people automatically go to their own bank to see about obtaining a mortgage. It is great to have a good relationship with your financial institution, however they are only going to be able to give you the rate that they are lending at. If you are planning a trip to China and are looking for rates on flights do you just go to the ticket counter for Air Canada? Or do you contact a Travel Agent to find the best option considering all things like size of plane, flight time, and PRICE!